What to know when booking a Professional Wedding DJ in Ireland (Part 1):

Firstly, Congratulations! The fun starts now, right?! Booking your venue, your caterer, your celebrant etc. is obviously extremely important... but clients regularly forget how important your entertainment and in particular, your wedding DJ is too!

I regularly hear people saying that the DJ was something they wished they spent more on. With that, it’s so important that you do your homework and choose wisely. Today, I want to share some tips, as I know a thing or two about booking a wedding DJ!

Part 1: I want to expand on two FAQs that I get asked on a weekly basis...

1) Do you play requests or use a playlist?

A top professional wedding DJ should obviously play music for your guests but this isn't always the case. The DJ isn't there to tell you about their love of eclectic-reverse-indie with a side of 1989 and a sprinkle of Motown (you get what I mean)! So what should you know...

A top wedding DJ will:

  1. 'Play to the crowd' - remember, a professional wedding DJ should be the expert on what works and what won't. This is hugely important to note and you must trust your wedding DJ. If you don't, walk away.

  2. The DJ should add their own twist to the night, making it memorable for years ahead. Read real reviews from previous couples if possible. For example Facebook Reviews

  3. You, the clients, are the ones paying for this service, so your DJ should make sure you are happy too!

Finally, a good DJ (in my opinion) should take a small list of songs you like (10-15) but should not use a playlist. Be very cautious if a DJ asks you "Would you like to see my playlist?" - Run a mile. Personally, I'm a massive believer of (appropriate) requests on the night and receiving clarity on some ‘do-not-plays’ also.

(Picture from the beautiful Trudder Lodge, Wicklow)

2) How can I make my wedding reception amazing for everyone?

HIRE A WEDDING DJ (and not just a 'DJ'). Would you hire a handyman from the local DIY shop to re-wire the electrics in your house... well some might, but the chances are most would hire a professional.

The standard bar, club or function DJ is completely different to a professional wedding DJ. There are two consistent things I tell people when looking at a DJ and pricing.

  1. You get what you pay for and I'll speak about this in a moment and

  2. If it sounds too good to be true, you know what, it probably is.

I've spoken about this before but in normal (non-covid) times, nearly every Saturday morning I receive a call from someone asking me "...I don't suppose you're available tonight? My wedding DJ just cancelled on me by text message!". When I ask why this happened, the recurring feedback is they don't know and got a deal (of €350-450) with someone they know. Pay peanuts and unfortunately folks, get monkeys. Sorry I know the truth hurts!

Finally, plan on spending around €800 on a professional DJ. This could be more or less, but if you go much lower than this price you are risking quality and once the wedding is over, you can’t get that quality back. Remember, get an amateur and the DJ you hire has the ability to ruin your wedding, as they control it night.

To summarise, find a DJ that 1) you trust, 2) you feel you could work with and 3) someone who genuinely cares about the success of the evening and does business through word of mouth. Best of luck with the planning and please feel free to contact me if you would like me to check your dates availability and email you a quote.

Thanks a million for reading and I hope this was useful. Let me know if there are any other topics that you'd like me to cover over the coming weeks. Colm.

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