Wedding DJ Planning: “Help! I’ve never done this before…”

How should I approach searching for my wedding DJ?

  1. Search Google for ‘Wedding DJs’

  2. Check out the wedding website (e.g. or

  3. Visit their website and get a feeling on who you think would be the best fit for you!

  4. Send enquiries to your top 5.

  5. Check availability, price and packages and when they reply, don’t dismiss any. Reach back out with questions.

  6. Now pick your top 2 or 3 and read some real reviews (e.g. Facebook)

  7. Trust your gut… who would you put in charge of the entertainment on the biggest day of your life!

  8. Book your DJ but don’t take long as every single week I have to go back to clients and tell them; “I’m sorry… within the week that you’ve enquired, your date has now been booked by someone else.”

Do I need a wedding band?

  • Ask yourself… Do I think I need a wedding band?

  • If so, why do you need a wedding band? Is it to keep the family happy or what reason?

  • Do you have budget?

  • Do you have a big gap between the meal ending and the end of the night?

  • Key advice: If you’re going with a band, two things: 1) don’t scrimp on budget & 2) make sure you’re getting a professional active wedding band and not a bunch of musicians that play instruments in a bar.

How far in advance should I book my DJ?

  • Have you the venue and church booked? If so, now!

  • 50% of my bookings would be a minimum of 18 months away.

  • Why are you waiting?

What questions should I be asking my wedding DJ?

  • What will your setup look like?

  • If something happens you, what insurance have we?

  • What music do you play and what can you cater for?

  • Do you take requests?

  • When I book you, will it 100% be you on the night?

  • How long do you play for and what are your packages available?

  • What deposit do I need to pay to reserve my date?

  • I’m having a band, when would you arrive?

  • “I want you as my DJ but I’m not sure if I want a band yet – can you give me a price on both and can I reserve the date and make a decision closer to the time?”

What are the benefits of booking over the other thousand ‘DJs’?

  • No Stress: Every weekend I get a call from usually a best man or groom in a panic. Their ‘DJ’ has cancelled. I’ve given up asking why but the bottom line is, one of their key parts of their day has cancelled. 99% of the time I’m already booked, so I can’t help but one thing they do always say is, I thought the price was too good to be true!

  • Full Back-up Service: God forbid something happened me, I’ve a business relationship setup with one of the leading entertainment companies in Ireland, so you will never be let down.

  • Top Class equipment: To the average person, this might not seem important, however what happens if your DJs ‘system’ goes down and you’ve no music for the night?! My equipment is serviced and maintained to ensure nothing ever happens!

  • Service: Offering a first-class high-quality service is of paramount importance to me. From initial email response times to giving my absolute everything on the night of your wedding.

  • Experience: Every single weekend I DJ weddings and there is literally no substitute for this. I appreciate that your entertainment is extremely important to your big day, so get the best.

Any new trends emerging or old traditions exiting?

  • Father Daughter dance happens only 1/10 times now (unless it’s an American wedding)

  • Speeches broken – E.g. 2x between starter and main, and 2x between main and desert. I’ve suggested this to a few couples and it seems to be working great!

  • Desert Buffet table (note; this shortens service).

  • Candy carts are becoming less popular (thank God! Far too easy to nibble)

What do people get wrong?

  • Table plan/layout – This is the job of the venue but keep the older guests away from the band or DJ area. It will stop them complaining or moving later on if they’re not right beside a speaker.

  • Lighting – Again, the venues job I know but when it’s too bright it’s hard to create atmosphere. It’s a wedding, so make it romantic.

  • PA for Speeches etc. – Venue again, but how many times have you been at a wedding and not been able to hear the speeches. If the PA isn’t good enough, insist on the venue hiring in or hire your own.

  • Background music during dinner – Venue or you, but it might be a nice touch to create your own track list. Do note; it’s only very light sound, so don’t go too mad!

  • Not having a bar in the same room as the dance floor – This is a nightmare for your entertainment as it brings people out of the room. What about having a mobile bar in the room.

  • Late evening food – Some venues bring this out at 10:30pm. In my opinion, if a long 2.5/3hr meal finishes at 9pm, this is far far too early. Why not have it at 11:30?!

  • Venue rooms too big for your number of guests – THIS IS YOU! Visit the room fully setup with tables etc. If the room is too big, it will be extremely hard to create an atmosphere.

First Dance – What are your thoughts:

  • Never have it as your actual first dance. Controversial I know, but why not let people digest some dinner, freshen up and get a drink, while the band or DJ creates an atmosphere in the room.

  • Couples used to like the full track to themselves, but not anymore. My suggestion (depending on how brave you are) is to get your band or DJ to invite your guests onto the floor half way into the song.

  • A 3.5 / 4 minute song feels like an hour if you’re in the middle standing of a dance floor with 100+ eyes staring at you. Get people involved!

  • To summarise, have about 30 minutes of music before the first dance and invite people to join you half way into the song J

What is a typical running order for the day:

  • 1/2pm Ceremony (depending if on-site or traveling to venue after ceremony)

  • 3pm Reception (drinks and canopies)

  • 5:30/6pm – Dinner Bell

  • 6 – 9pm – Dinner service (including speeches)

  • 9pm – Music on (Band or DJ)

  • 11:30 – If you got a band, DJ Starts (Note, it’s normally closer to 12 with a big wedding)

  • 11:30/12 – Evening food (

  • 2am – DJ Finishes

Final few words…

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of your entertainment.

  • Let your DJ be a professional and do their job but always give a steer on what YOU like.

  • Make sure you check real reviews and finally, trust them… whomever they are

From start to finish, my goal is to ensure my clients and their guests leave the wedding with amazing memories of a night they never wanted to end… and with sore feet from dancing! Make sure whomever you book, wants this also J

Happy planning and have an amazing wedding day! Contact me for a quote and to check availability.


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